May 08, 2008 

SCL Annual Conference

Creating a Resilient Supply Chain

Details: May 4-6, 2008 @ Paramount Conference & Event Venue, Vaughan, ON


  • Perrin Beatty, President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Victor Deyglio, President, Logistics Institute
  • Jim Estill, CEO, Synnex Canada Ltd.
  • Jim Tompkins, President & CEO, Tompkins Associates


Tainted goods from abroad, the widely fluctuating Canadian dollar, wide-scale power outages, rising input prices, and escalating transportation costs and bottlenecks have all impacted Canadian business in the recent past.  As well, increased globalization of supply and consumer markets, along with the accelerating trend toward outsourcing, has resulted in more complex and inherently risky supply chains.

To avoid problems that can and will erode cost benefits and threaten service levels, companies must acquire the ability to bounce back quickly from distruptions.  Learn how to create a resilient supply chain at the 41st SCL Annual Conference. 

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