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The CSCSC Gets Down to Business

Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

Update Report

September 2006

The CSCSC Gets Down to Business

Now that the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council has established an office and completed administrative requirements related to its operation, we’re able to focus all efforts on the business of promoting and assisting the sector. Our staffing complement is in place. Please feel free to contact any of the following for more information on the Council and our activities.

Kevin A. Maynard, CAE          Executive Director        Extension 224

Margie Stefanich           Administrative Assistant            Extension 0

Kim Biggar       Media and Communications Coordinator          Extension 222

The Council will address the wide range of issues affecting supply chain employers and employees related to human-resource development, technological change and quality standards, among other things.

Project Funding Approved

Funding from the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program has been secured to enable the CSCSC to undertake a research study of education and certification programs and mechanisms currently available to supply chain organizations. The project will include a consultation process with representatives from industry associations and academia to determine the extent to which the sector is utilizing these tools and if they are meeting business and human-resource needs. The study will determine if the CSCSC, on behalf of the supply chain sector, should proceed to develop a standardized approach to post-secondary training, education and certification.

The project will commence in October, after a project manager has been hired to lead the study. Further details on the project, desired outcomes and opportunities for stakeholder involvement will be announced shortly. This is your opportunity to get involved in the first REAL initiative of this Council. We look forward to an engaging project that will form one of the foundation elements for our work over the next two years, and beyond.

Funding for a second project, focused on a labour-market information system, should be approved shortly.

Information about the Sector and the Council

CSCSC Executive Director Kevin Maynard has been presenting information about the supply chain sector and the work of the Council to groups across Canada. His presentation features such information as the following:

The Canadian supply chain industry employs an estimated 700,000 workers in seven functional areas.

There’s a high demand for workers in all categories.

Findings of the recently completed supply chain sector study will form the basis for addressing the sector’s wide-ranging human-resource issues.

Medium-to-longer-term goals to result from initiatives based on the study are:

Increased public awareness of the supply chain industry;

Identification/clarification of the global process and policy best practices;

Development of proactive initiatives to increase competitiveness of the Canadian supply chain sector;

Creation of uniform national standards to ensure worker mobility across provinces;

Identification and implementation of practical solutions to address current and future industry needs;

Development and implementation of a career information initiative to market the industry to youth as a viable career choice.

CSCSC’s initial project plans are designed to respond specifically to the first five of the study’s 26 recommendations:

In the area of sector governance

1.         Establish a national sectoral body;

2.         Enhance industry/government partnerships and collaboration;

3.         Collect and monitor labour market information.

In the area of training and development/education

4.         Create a repository of information about post-secondary education programs, certifications and recognition;

5.         Develop a standardized approach to certifications.

These initiatives will ensure that there is a mechanism and framework in place to prepare for and take action, with industry support, to deal with the sector’s current and future human-resource challenges.

To continue to build awareness of the Council’s work and its anticipated impact on the sector, Kevin would be pleased to speak to your group. Contact us if you’re planning an event at which he might share information about the sector’s human-resource needs and the CSCSC’s plans to address them.