Assessments can assist in pre-employment screening, in team building and in managing existing employees. The cost (both financial and organizational) to screen an employee is substantially less than the cost of managing high-risk employees and/or repeatedly filling a position.

Trans-Logic offers employee assessment in addition to our evaluation process. Assessment tools assist in matching potential candidates to the specific competency areas of suitability. This integrated assessment tool measures behavioral traits, sales ability, teambuilding skills, character, skills set, integrity thinking, occupational interests and ideal job matches.

All of our assessments are web-based allowing them to be completed and reviewed online in minutes.

Cost                       Career Testing                                   

$39.99                  Career Interest Profiler                           
$39.99                  Career Values Scale                            
$59.99-$125.99    Work Personality Index                          
$99.99                  Sales Achievement Predictor               
$49.99                  Customer Service Aptitude Profile      
$79.99                  Stress Profile

NEW TEST NOW AVAILABLE!   ACER Series  $25.99 per section            

Administration Fees May Apply                  

Please call 1-866-212-2005 for more information.


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