1. The first step in our search process is taking the time to really understand our clients' internal processes and corporate culture (work pace, image, goals and motivation).

2. We communicate with the hiring managers regarding the position outline, job description and timelines as we understand them.

3. The Trans-Logic team then analyzes the appropriate information about the role, organizational culture and fit for the position.

4. Trans-Logic has a dedicated team of recruiters working for our clients. The team researches, makes contact and interviews the top professionals in the industry in order to create a short list of candidates that is evaluated to suit our clients' requirements.

5. Our team confidentially markets our clients' organization and opportunity to our candidates in order to ensure that the necessary performance background and cultural fit are ideal.

6. We create a candidate profile that includes not only a detailed description of duties but also  analyze the personal characteristics and attributes necessary for success in our client’s corporate environment.

7. We assess the performance of top-quality candidates ensuring that they have measurable success in the areas required for the opportunity within our client’s organization.

8. We present and recommend only the candidates that we are confident are as close to the "Bull's Eye" as possible and are fully capable of carrying out the position's responsibilities of the position in a superior manner.

9. Our sourcing methods include direct recruiting, database consultation and networking.  

10. We organize and monitor interviews for our clients' including follow up.

11. We conduct comprehensive reference checks (screening on education, credit, and unsavory activity will be conducted for an additional fee) on the final candidate before an offer is presented.

12. Whenever possible we consult four references: representing subordinates, superiors, and peers.

13. Trans-Logic offers employee assessment in addition to our evaluation process. Assessment tools assist in matching potential candidates to the specific competency areas of suitability. This integrated assessment tool measures behavioral traits, sales ability, teambuilding skills, character, skills set, integrity thinking, occupational interests and ideal job matches.

14. Once the candidate has been selected, we are available to assist in negotiations and the final offer - our impartial third-party status allows us to facilitate the negotiation process in an objective way.

15. We assist and support the candidate helping them to gracefully resign from his or her current position.

16. We maintain regular contact with our clients' and candidates' to ensure the transition process goes smoothly and that both are completely satisfied with the placement.

17. We minimize costly hiring mistakes and save our clients' time and money.

18. On top of all that, we guarantee our work.

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